Robert P. VanNatta

Welcome to the VanNatta Home Page. netscape I have followed a multi-Disciplinary career since my graduation from Willamette University of Salem , Oregon more than a few years ago. For 39 years last past, I have been a practicing attorney in the firm of VanNatta and Petersen of St. Helens, Oregon which should not be confused with its namesake Mt. St. Helens which is under constant watch by the Cascades Volcano Observatory. I live near Apiary which is south of Rainier , Oregon. If you are a history buff you may be interested in the the history of Rainier or you can read about the 25 West Oregon communities whose history is documented on this site.

Some of my youth was spent at the Rainier United Methodist Church.

VanNatta Forestry and Logging

logIn yet another side of my career, I am part owner of a family forestry and logging company, VanNatta Brothers, which has been logging with a conscience for 45 years on the same piece of property in Apiary, Oregon, which explains why there is VanNatta Foresty and Logging Page . Farmers and Loggers and rural folks generally tend of have machinery of various types and the VanNatta Family is no exception. If you poke around here a bit you will find all sorts of things. truck My family has been farming and logging in Columbia County for over a century so I know some Logging History I also know something about Log Skidders Loggers often have Cummins Engines in their equipment and frequently watch what the major timber and paper producers such as Boise Cascade are doing. I can definitively say that the AOL which VanNatta Brothers belongs is the Associated Oregon Loggers, not American OnLine , a late comer. Perhaps because my grandfather hiked into the Klondike in the '98 goldrush, I've always had a special spot for Alaska . You can get there via the Alaska Marine Highway. After spending 5 years in the Yukon and Fairbanks mining districts, my grandfather came to St Helens and established a dairy farm. I know only enough about the dairy business to know that I don't want to be in it, but I can recognize a good Real Dairyfarmer Homepage when I see one. While you are traveling, you should stop over in Kentucky and visit Duane Bristow's Old Kentucky page as it has a little of something for everyone in it.


When I am not practicing law or logging, I have often written articles about computers or computer history .

I love bridges, too, and the Bridges of Portland are special, but if you prefer college homepages there is a page for that too at nearby Reed College.

For some flyfishing and photos of Oregon outdoors, the McKenzie River Page is outstanding.

Beyond the practice of law, I am the founding Editor of VanNatta's Worker's Compensation Reporter which is the only service in Oregon which reports Worker's Compensation administrative decisions. It was named by me in a moment of arrogance, and it still carries the VanNatta's moniker, though I have ceased to be involved with it since about volume 20.

This isn't all. There are more Forestry/logging links behind the VanNatta Forestry and Logging Page.

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