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Salvage Logging

Of the resource lists the Lindsay List has a number of things especially in the Pulp and Paper end of the Forestry business. The Forest Products and Marketing Home Page and the University of Washington is also quite comprehensive. A short list is to be found on the Forestnet in Eugene, Oregon. If you want to home school in log scaling you can do that too.

However, a different look at the industry there is PIRA, a British Consultancy on paper technology. While we are up North we should also take in Natural Resources Canada. If you are into woodworking, best you visit the Woodworking Journal.. There is also Badger Hardwoods of Wisconsin. ESCO has a site for they products Very special to me, however, is the Alaska Forest Association since my grandfather worked in the Klondike so many years.

Also of interest is the Oregon Department of Forestry which includes a variety of things such as log price information . The Forestry Deparment of Oregon State University has an online Forestry Media Center as well as an excellent series of pages to aid in the identification of Pacific Northwest Conifers. For a different look at things, Georgia-Pacific has a site as does Weyerhaeuser is on line as isBoise Cascade .

Other logging links

For suppliers of logging tools, see crosscut saw if you want a hands on feeling about logging. You might subscribe to the loggers all time favorite newspaper, the Loggers World . By the Way, don't miss the single grip harvesting pictures on the Forest Harvesting Methods page from Thunder Bay, Ontario. I am not sure it fits here, but there is a nifty new link of cone harvesting, and harvesting equipment Which I include here for lack of a better place.

The Iron Guys once sold the stuff on the Iron Page

LinkBelt , Terex, Case Corporation as well as both John Deere While you are in Canada you should also see Weldco-Beales, a maker of heavy equipment attachments. The Bridgestone/Firestone web site has outstanding technical bulletins and product specifications on off-road tires. If Old iron is your thing, then visit the Historical Construction Equipment Association for many fine images of old iron. Machinery Auction houses include Richie Brothers. Even Triad Machinery who sells Link-Belts has a page. Even my favorite wishbook, My Little Salesman has a page, and if you want a searchable database of Engines and Generator sets, that exists as well. Pacific Tractor Company of Delta B. C. has a particularly nice selection of photos of used equipment.

There are some nifty searchable machinery databases in Australia maintained by RPDATA and also one entitled Australia's Earthmoving and Mining Machinery Database in Australia. If pile drivers are you thin then Ingram Equipment Co would be the choice.

If you need chainsaws there is Husqvarna or if you want to know the history of Sawchain there is Oregon Chain who is owned by Blount who makes the Hydro-Ax also. If it is used heavy machinery parts you want, check with General Gear.

Trucking Links

See also Mack B series on the Truck page.

If you are interested in trucks, there are a whole number of pages around dedicated to information about them. The photo on the left illustrates a bad day with a dump truck. Information on a variety of trucks is to be found in the VanNatta Truck Museum located on this site. Elsewhere you can find pages ranging from pages for current manufacturers models such as the famous Pacific Northwest born Peterbilt to the historic bulldog of the trucking industry, Mack Truck . Locally, (to this writer anyway) is a much newer manufacturer who has become the Mercedes of trucking, Freightliner as well as Volvo and Navistar International and Kenworth Truck Company.

Believe it or not, there is even an American Truck Historical Society. If you need components for your truck you might check with the Dana/Spicer folks who are famous for their drivetrain parts.

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