Eager Beaver Tilt Bed Equipment Trailer

Eager beaver Tilt bed trailer
1983 Model Eager Beaver 22 foot
IH 6x6
Going Home
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Trailer with forklift
Untied and ready to drive off

Decent equipment trailers are one of those useful and often unappreciated thing that everyone needs. They can cost you a lot of money, however, as things tend to follow you home if you have a trailer that can haul it. Although this trailer is a 1983 model, not really a lot changes in trailers over time. To be sure this one is 8 feet wide while many contemporary ones are 8'6" consistent with the new 'wider' rules. The bed is around 22 feet long and all of it tilts. The bed like the newer models is 36" above the ground, but the trailer sports 15" wheels instead of 17.5" wheels that seem fairly standard on newer heavy duty trailers.

In its day this 2 axle configuration was pretty common, and very useful. However the excavator has become a common appliance, and excavator contractors are for ever needing to move them, and a balance trailer behind a dump truck is a logical way to accomplish the task. The problem is that excavators tend to be heavy which has spawned the ever larger tiltbed trailer to haul them. The tri-axle equipment trailer has proven to be very practical, and their hauling capacity approaches 25 tons as compared to somewhere around 15 tons for a trailer like this.

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