2008 GMC Envoy

GMC envoy

A SUV or Ute as my friends down under would say. The Envoy is designed on the GMC minipickup chassis and has as its heritage the mini-blazer. It's clearly a size down from the Yukon/Tahoe class SUV which is built on the full size pickup chassis.

Fairly unique, I think, for vehicles these days, there is a inline 6 cylinder engine under the hood---or sort of under the hood--the back half of it is in a dog house in the cab although its presence is well hidden and if you didn't look for the engine under the hood you wouldn't realize that it extends back under the dashboard.

What they have done with these vehicles over the years is to make them vastly more comfortable. Thirty years ago the back seat of a mini-blazer was a board with a little foam padding. No more, the back seat except for not being electric 6 way adjustable is as comfortable as the front seats. With Obama designing the next generation of GM vehicles these things likely will be no more soon, but this is one of GM's better vehicles.

- - Updated 01/20/2013
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