International Harvester M-6123-50 6x6

IH 6x6
IH 6x6 M 6123-50 water truck
IH 6x6
Going Home

I don't have a lot of information about where this truck has been during its life. It came our way in 2008 and appears to be a recently converted water truck. It is a 54,000 gvw rated 6x6 with a detroit diesel and an Allison automatic. Although the cab looks to be of the 1950's styling the paperwork says it is a 1970 model.

The engine is a a Detroit Diesel 6V-53 rated at 196 HP at 3000 RPM, followed by a 6 speed Allison and thereafter by a transfer case. The water tank, though it doesn't look large for the truck is actually a 1750 gallon tank.

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