Trail King Beaver Tail

Trailer ready for Loading
First Aerial Lift
Swing boom over goose neck of trailer
Second lift loaded
Lift up your tail
Fold it down
Tuck it under
Lower the bed back to flat

This is a beaver tail trailer made by Trail King. It is a single drop trailer of a type that is not too large or heavy. Really heavy machinery needs a 'lowboy' which is usually thought of as a double drop trailer, i.e. the platform drops lower in front of the trailer tires instead of being straight forward over the rear of the low profile trailer tires. The convenience of the single drop is a larger load carrying area and the ability to load over the rear. Usually lowboys are loaded over the front which makes for a lot of taking the trailer apart and putting it back together again. Here the beaver tail is managed by hydraulics and only takes a minute or two to fold up.

- - Updated 01/20/2013
- - Updated 05/22/2008
- - created 03/27/2008