1955 Restored S152

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Although this isn't my truck as I don't do restored trucks, it joins my collection as a prime example of a nicely restored truck typical for the era. It is an S series characterized by the bullet protruding headlights. As a truck itself, it is one of the lightest models of flatbeds that IH made.

IT is more than a dually pickup without a bed but significantly lighter than the 160 to 180 series generally characterizes as 'medium trucks. I'm guessing it is around a 17,000 lb GVW vehicle. The engine is a Silver Diamond in line 6 which I rather suspect is the engine used in their pickups of the day.

The cream colored curved dash is oh so typical of IH trucks of the 50's. They all had them. The Cab (as distuingished from the fenders for IH was very much the same from the introduction of the L series around 1950 through the introduction of the Loadstar series after 1960. Minor differences seen over the years include the fact that some models had a 2 piece rear window while most did not. Similarly the earlier cabs had an external door handly that you twisted down, while the later ones had a push button latch release.

The two tone paint job is not original. The IH factory wasn't in to 2 tone paint jobs in 1955.

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