IHC Travelall

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1971 IHC Travelall

This is a companion to the 1973 Travelall also on this site. This, however, is one that this writer owned for many years. It was retired well before this photo was taken which accounts for it being rusted out a bit.

Like all IH trucks these things were custom built to someone's specifications. If you made a factory order you could specify the axles, springs, frame, clutch, one of half a dozen transmissions, one of several engines, as well as various trim packages and the like. They were in half-ton models, 3/4 ton models and with or without front wheel drive.

The only difference between the 1971 and 1973 model that I am aware of is that the grill was changed, and the 1973 model had some additional pollution controls on the engine (exhaust gas recirculation) on the half ton models.

The chassis and most features were shared with the pickup line as well. This particular one was equipped with a 5 speed transmission over driven in 5th which made it a very nice freeway machine. The 345 provided plenty of low speed torque and it drove easily around 70 mph.

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