1948 International Harvester Fire Truck

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K series Fire Truck-

Featured on this page is a 1948 International Harvester configured as a fire truck. It has been retired from regular service and is on the parade route. In keeping with IH traditions, the cab and chassis is built by IHC and the body by who knows. The cab used in this 'K' series truck is the same cab found in IH's prewar 'D' series featured elsewhere on this site. Notice the windshield that is capable of opening. There is plenty of headroom in this cab, but if you are a tall guy you have to drive it a bit hunched over because otherwise you are looking at the sun visor. The difference between these trucks and the prewar 'D' model was the hood and grille. I am uncertain about the fenders. The instrument package on the dash was distinctive because it was square in style. Beginning with the 'L' series in the early 1950's IHC wen to round instruments and thereafter for many years all IHC styling on the dash was round. This particular model, probably a K-6 or K-7 has spoke wheels as you will notice. That is a customer preference item. IHC also offered Budd wheels as well. Each has a good and bad about them, and now days the preference is quite regional. In the Pacific Northwest no self respecting trucker would be caught dead with spoke wheels, but else where they are very popular.

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