1928 Sterling Log Truck

1928 Sterling 2002

Here is a photo of a truck furnished to me of by a fellow trying to identify the make of his grandfather's log truck. This photo was taken in Tillamook County Oregon. We would assume that the truck is a late 1920's version, and any nominations for make or model would be appreciated. Note the Budd wheels, and the chain drive to the rear axle. Anyone caring to venture information about this truck is invited to do so. Note the classic 'cheese blocks' holding the logs instead of 'stakes' as is more common these days.

This truck was posted as an 'unknown truck' for several months, but of late I got an email from a fellow whose father drove a truck like this and he, with the help of his father, identifies it as a late 1928 Sterling Model 2002. Sterling was a truck name around then and one which lasted into the 1940's which was known as a premium truck. Of late the name has returned applied to what we used to call Ford's, but the reconstituted Sterling Ford of today is not related to the Sterling of this era.

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