1994 Yukon 2 Door

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Yukon 2 Door

In the beginning there was a Jeep, then Scouts, Blazers, and Bronco's. Now we have the Tahoe and Yukon series. Featured here is a 1994 GMC Yukon 2 door. This is the successor to the classic K-5 Blazer, but is not a big seller. the 4 door Tahoe/Yukon series has become the yuppie mobile of choice, but the 2 door is now fairly rare. It's contents, however would not surprise you if you far familiar with the rest of GM's SUV line. Just as the 4 door Tahoe/Yukon are shortened Surburbans, so is the 2 door. They just cut a different part out. The 4 door model is essentially a Suburban with the 3 seat and about 3 feet of length chopped off the back. The 2 door model has the second seat chopped out of the middle so the 'back seat' in this machine is a folding seat similar to the 3rd seat in the Suburban. Beyond that, most of the features are shared with the pickup line and the Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon lines.

With a classic Chevy 350 V-8 this machine has plenty of power and uses its share of gas. Running boards are an important extra. Although they tend to get knocked off if you are really running in very rough country, the rest of the time they keep a lot of mud from being thrown up on the quarter panels, an for those with short legs, they also provide a little help during ingress and egress.

Although a trailer hitch is common on the back, one should not think of this vehicle as something to be used for serious trailer pulling. While it has the weight and power, the wheel base is short which aggravates the sway--which is not a good thing.

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