IH LoadStar 1600

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Viewed here is a mid 1960's version of the IH LoadStar. Unlike the others it is not a 4x4, but is a classic one wheel drive. It features a V345 gas engine, a 5 speed transmission and an Eaton electric shift 2-speed rear end. In its first life it was a gasoline delivery truck, and it served us many years in its second life as a farm truck. With a 16 foot bed and a scissors hoist it hauled everything from fertilizer to cows.

The remarkable thing about the International LoadStar series of trucks is how unchanging they were. This model first appeared in the early 1960's and continued well into the 1970's with little change. The 1970's models shown elsewhere on this site have only minor differences in the Cabs. The instrument Cluster is different, and the door latches are improved.

The demise of this model really followed the transition in the 1970's to diesel engines. This short hood design was made to hold a V-8 Gas engine. The Diesel that finally brought success to International was the 466 engine which was an 'in-line' 6 banger. This short nose truck was just too short to hold the diesel without a big dog house. They did offer the 308 Gas in this model with a dog house, but.....

The LoadStar name didn't go away but the gas trucks did. In due course I will get onthis site a 1980's version LoadStar with a diesel engine and a longer plastic bonnet as compared to the sort butterfly hood of these trucks.

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