Contemporary Log Skidders

Cat525a.jpg - 6.5 K
1995 Cat 525

Featured first here is the every popular Caterpillar 525 log skidder. This is the successor to the classic Cat 518. It is shown here with a single function grapple.

These single function grapples are very simple and functional, but compared to the dual function fixed grapple they are limited in reach. The Dual functional grapple has a parallel-o-gram function so it will extend back as well as down, providing some additional reach.

As is more or less standard, this model has an enclosed cab and many of the controls are embedded in push buttons on the steering wheel. The cab is large and roomy and the machine provides good visibility particularly to the rear. This is an intermediate sized machine, and while it is suitable for smaller timber, this machine lacks the size and weight for the heaviest timber.

Tj450a.jpg - 6.2 K
Timber Jack 450C

This particular model of Timberjack is one of the Timberjacks larger contemporary models. Note the dual function grapple. It has 2 sets of cylinders on it so the grapple can move both back and down. For service work, Timberjack presents a unique tilting cab which will tilt to the side to allow service work on the essentials under the cab. Like the Cat this machine features a mechanical drive train. Morgan Silva Track is so far alone in adopting the hydrostatic drive technology. Both Young and Esco make a swinging grapple suitable for the intermediate sized machines such as the Cat 525, however, no large swing grapple is offered for such machines as the Timberjack 450.

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