TF-42C Mini-skidder nka Awassos MD-60 and MD-80 mini-skidders.

TF-42c Mini-skidder
awassos skidder
Awassos MD series Skidder

Innovation has not stopped in the skidder business. While Morgan has been innovating on the big end of the market, Turboforest Nova Sylva has been developing a mini-skidder to work in the small log selective logging market.

The TF-42C is powered by a 50 h.p. Perkins diesel engine. It only weighs 7500 lb. The machine is only 6 ft 3 inches wide and features a double-drum radio-controlled (on your belt) winch (8800 lb each winch). There is only one joystick to control the entire machine (all controls are on it : forward, reverse, grad ability, blade lifting and winching). It is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission.

Manufactured by Turboforest Nova Sylva located in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada. The mini-skidder is the first North-American small-scale industrial skidder designed for productivity in low-impact forestry operations (selective cuts). The Company will be adding soon a small-scale 6-wheel transporter to go along.

The dual winches provide added opportunities to handle multiple pieces where the use of sliding hooks is inconvenient or would not result in damage free yarding. The radio control of the winches allows the operator to utilize a tong line and walk with the log as it is snaked out of the woods.

This machine has been hard to find as has company. On September 27, 2005 I have the following Note: Today I received a couple pieces of information that may answer the questions:

Fate of Turboforest TC-42C
  • The TC-42C was manufactured for 3 Years (1999 to 2002)
  • A total of about 30 machines were manufactured.
  • The principals in the company apparently split.
  • There were issues relating to manufacturer support for the Hydrostat transmission.
  • One of the principals of the company hoped to resume production with a different transmission and a more powerful engine.

January 2006:

I am now advised that the company that actually produced some of the mini-skidders was Denharco although as noted they stopped production.

Another company has acquired the designs and they have renamed the machine, have a web site and expect to begin production in the spring of 2006:
Debusqueuses Awassos inc.
188 rue de l'Englise
Roxton Falls (QC) J0H 1E0
Tel: 450.548.7009 - Fax: 450.548.7011

The Awassos uses a 70 hp Kubota engine, and a 3 speed manual transmission and is a bit heavier at 9240lbs.. A spec sheet is available here.

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