Wagner LG18 Log Skidder

Wagner LG18
Wagner LG18
Photos thanks to Darrel McNutt Squamish B.C.

This model Wagner LG-18 crawled out of the bush and became known to this writer more than 50 years after it was manufactured. One can have no doubt but what it is a Wagner of a similar design to those owned and described on the previous page the variations in its design are still astounding.

One can only speculate as to how much the machine was modified from the factory, but I would rather suspect that the 250 HP Cummins with a Jake brake is a repower. My impression is from appearances that this is a fairly early design of Wagner's (early 1950's) and Cummins 250's with Jakes weren't around then. Even our LG-14 has an H series Cummins in it (as compared to the later NH series---the difference is a 2 vs. 4 valve head).

Interesting are the outboard anchors for the planetaries. This was unique to Wagner. One thing it did was allow the vehicle to be towable, as you could remove the anchor bars and the tires would free wheel. A second more subtle thing is that you could 'add' a planetary to a standard axle that had no provision for it. Both of our machines had Clark axles with the planetary reduction designed into the the axle, but Wagner is known to have made some of their own. My belief is that they may have taken a generic truck axle and simply added a planetary gear reduction kit to the end of it. The problem with this is that you need a way to anchor the sun gear. Now days most axles with reductions on the end of them have a splined stub axle, and a cage holding the sun gear slips on the splines providing the anchor, but by making the assembly inside out it would be easy to use the outboard anchor shown here.

Here is what the owner of it has to say:

The machine belonged to Vic Hurford(standing by machine) of Squamish years ago a local logging and clearing contractor who is retired but is a "WIZ" with mechanics and machinery. The LG has jake brake, maxi pot rear axle and driveline air brake as well. Crossbars for trunion support made by Vic in his shop as well as Model 11 gearmatic settup for second winch which has high speed out and low speed in. There was an assembly that sat on the bight of the line between the gearmatic and the fairlead which was removed in order to transport to my property. When you pulled on the line the bight of the line would lift the arm which opened valve to slack line,great for making loads up. The LG has D6 dozer trunions for anchors on blade which works well, 250 hp Cummins for power which was rebuilt by Vic. The machine has controls so you can run it facing backwards or forwards. A few gauges and wiring were damaged as movie crew removed dash for some film work but the dash is back in tach is hooked up etc.

The emergency stop maxibrake is on the driveline,it has a 16.5 truestop disc assembly. Vic thinks these machines when they came out were called Wagner Loggermobile,sounds pretty fancey eh!!! They have R100 axles and 3to1 Wagner planetary reduction. Original motor was 220 cummins but Vic put a 250 natural in.Vic thinks machine was early to mid 50's model. There are two brackets on top left and right of blade for base of a-frame. The a-frame is rased using the winch and two gantry lines attach to ears on each side of the top winch. The a frame can be moved in and out also by raising and lowering the blade. I think the cover for planetary were specialy made for Vic out of heavy materials. There was also a two ton counterweight for mounting on front blade which helps pulling Barges onto beach. The Wagner tranny 2sp Hi and Lo with fwd and rvs. It has twin disc 5 to 1 torque factor so with no load in 1st would be 9mph and 18mph in 2nd sounds like fun. In the early 60's we were coldecking and swinging with LG 14 with a 220 cummins which was tired but the machine was in nice shape, I believe it belonged to Binns Equip.

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