IH500 Skidder

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The photo was provided to me along with an operator's testimonial as follows:

"I operated one back about 40 yrs. ago skidding saw log's. I found the machine to be quite capable but the other operators felt it was too small for the job and abused the machines. If used properly it could do a lot of work with little harm to the forest. It doesn't leave deep rut's ,as rubber tired skidders do. They work good in swamps or stony land. They also work good as a small bulldozer for excavating. I hear there were only 800 made. I think if they were made bigger, they would sell better. The motor is 40 horse International . The machine is made by international, The same as the TD5 bulldozer, 1965-1970 The winch is a 20 ton Gearomatic with hydraulic control. The tracks have rocking boggy wheels with 12 ply tires,that makes it a lot smoother than a dozer I really like this machine well. I find it very handy for pushing snow and many other jobs. It works good for pushing up top soil,in low ground with the 18 inch tracks."

One would assume that the winch reference is to the Gearmatic 19 which was common in usage in skidder in this era and is mentioned on other skidders. Personally this writer has never seen one of these machines, so I have little to add.

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