Vise and Anvil Mounting


When you install a vise in a shop it needs to be sold and secure. Some mount to a steel table but that makes for a noisy inflexible solution. Here we have used a wooden mount with the decking nailed securely to a nearby work counter. Lag screws are used to attach the vise providing the resiliency of wood, but a good deal of stability as well.

By contrast, the anvil is spiked with railroad spikes to a block of cedar. The block looks a little rotten and it is, but do understand that the black on the side if dates to a forest fire in 1933. This piece was salvaged in about 1950, and at this writing has supported the anvil for about 60 years.

- - Updated 12/31/2012
- - Updated 1/31/2010
- - Updated 1/24/2010