Classic Drill Chuck

Drill chuck
Drill chuck

Most of us are familar with the Jacobs type chuck for holding drill bits. It's everywhere and on most drills and comes with a little gear wrench for tightning it. It's no surprise that such a chuck has not been around forever. It was patented by Jacobs in 1902 and did not immediately dominate the world of drill chucks. One of the historic alternatives was what is essentially a 2 jaw lathe chuck. It had 2 jaws which were pulled to the center by a single screw with a left and right threads. A V notch in each jaw allowed the chuck to grab either square or round objects. Even though the Jacobs product was very successful and eventually came to dominate, this did not occur all at once. The catalog showing this style of drill chuck is a 1923 Catalog.

They accepted a 'drive in arbor' similar to many jacobs style chucks.

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