Jet 5000 1 1/2" Drive Impact Wrench

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Part Number 505955
Square Drive 1-1/2"
Bolt Capacity 2"
Anvil Retainer Type Hole
Max Torque 3,400 pound-force foot
Free Speed 3,000 RPM
Air Pressure 90 psi
Air Consumption 44 cfm
Air Inlet (NPT) 1/2"
Air Hose Inner Diameter 3/4"
Overall Length 16 "
Vibration Value 8 3/10 m/s2
Model Number JET-5000
Brand Jet
Height 6.5 inch
Width 9.4 inch
Length 22.5 inch
Net Weight 37 pound

Not every one is familiar with 1 1/2" drive tools, as they are a bit more than many people use, but they are of a necessity around heavy equipment. Every tool has its limits and although many thing that 1" drive is 'huge', or 'heavy duty', there are also 1 1/2" drive, 2 1/2" drive and 3 1/2" drive socket sets for heavier applications.

The Jet 5000 is a 'light duty' 1 1/2" drive wrench. By 'light duty' I mean that it 'only' puts out around 3500 foot pounds of torque (compared to the typical 1,000-1,200 for a 1" drive impact wrench.) While this gives you a good bang, and the air consumption is low enough to run off of a decent shop compressor or shop truck, it is neither as large as are made for the 1 1/2" drive nor does it take the 1 1/2" drive to its torque limits.

Such wrenches (ones that take the 1 1/2" drive to its breaking limits) are made. On example is the Ingersoll Rand 5980A1 which has a working torque to 10,000 lb lbs. It also weighs 90 lbs and needs a trailer mounted air compressor to run it.

We have had our Jet for many years now and have had good service from it. You can, of course use it with an adapter to 1" if you want to use your 1" impact sockets, but the extra joint results is a noticeable loss of impact. You get much better results using 1 1/2" sockets and extensions whenever possible. You will find available sockets from 1 3/8" to 4 5/8" for this drive size. Manufacturers include Proto, JH Williams, and others. A full socket set will get the attention of your pocket book however.

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