Lathe Project.

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American Lathe w/Cushman 18" chuck
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Boring Thickwall Tube
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Threaded ring with cylinder
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Twelve threads

What you see here is one of the lift cylinders out of a 60 ton lowboy. Lowboys including our commonly have removable goosenecks, and the particular design of this one includes 2 triple extension hydraulic cylinders concealed inside the frame on the front corners. When retracted it disappears inside the trailer frame and when extended---it points straight down-- it lifts the front of the trailer so the goose neck and be connected.

Although the end of the cylinder has a lift plate on it for spreading the left on the ground, the end of the cylinder is pretty much on the ground and mud and rocks between the left plate and the end of the cylinder destroyed the packing ring around the lower stage of this cylinder.

Since the trailer is 40 years old and the maker of the cylinder is unknown, buying a part or replacing the cylinder involves more than stopping at Walmart. Making a new ring to hold the packing in the bottom stage was the first productive task of our 'new' century old American lathe.

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