Crosscut saws for sale

The Crosscut Saw Company is the distributor of large one and two man cross cut saws of all types. Jemco Tool corporation is the manufacturer of the saws that the Crosscut Saw company distributes. They are both located in Seneca Falls, NY.

Crosscut Saw Company
PO Box 7879
Seneca Falls, NY 13148

They have a catalogue that is fairly extensive and they also sell a manual that details everything a person would need to know about being a lumberjack using hand tools. How to fell trees to how the saws work. I was passed on the names of Warren Miller and Martin Winters as guys that either wrote the manual or are professional saw sharpeners or have some significant connection with crosscut saws.

NOTE: This information was provided to me, and is passed on in response to several who have asked me where they could buy a crosscut saw. I believe this is the answer.

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