McCulloch 10-10

[Mac 10-10]
Mac 1010 from '60's and 70's

The Mac 10 series first came out in the mid 60's and were a major improvement.

"The new MAC-10 Series saws are up to 25% lighter than most so-called lightweights, yet have every feature you could ask for." --1966 McCulloch advertisement

Well, maybe not quite every feature. By the mid-70s, the starter had been moved from the right side to the left so a chain brake could be added, and there was a more comfortable rubber-coated handle available. (These two saws are both 10-10's, but were built up from several different saws, explaining why the labels on the air cleaners are not correct.) These saws handled nicely, but vibrated so badly that your hands felt fuzzy by the end of the day, and what they lacked in power they more than made up in pure noise, even though McCulloch tried at least three different mufflers over the years.

But by this time the foreigners were here, the American manufacturers seemed to be concentrating on making toy chain saws for homeowners, OSHA had arrived and was nosing around, and it was a whole new ball game...

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