Partner R421T

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Partner 421 Chainsaw

The Partner R420 was a common pulpwood saw in the 70's. It developed 4 hp from its 65cc, and weighed about 16.5 pounds with bar and chain. This is a R421T, the "T" meaning it has thyrister (electronic) ignition, and the "1" meaning it has heated handlebars. This was one of the first makes to come out with that feature, and was accomplished by the flexible piping that brings exhaust from the muffler to the insides of the handles. Modern saws that have heated handles use electric heaters powered by a generator run by the engine. (Heated handles may be more than just a comfort, some people with health problems, such as Reynaud's Syndrome, may by helped by the heat.)

Partner (of Sweden), Pioneer (of Canada), and Poulan (of the United States) were folded together by Electrolux (of Sweden) to form the present Poulan company.

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