McCulloch D30

[Mac D30]
McCulloch from the 1950's

"The D36 and Mac D30 feature LUBRI-MAC oiling -- another McCulloch exclusive. Eliminates need for a separate oil tank. And light weight is still another value feature of these new saws--only 17 pounds." --1959 McCulloch advertisement

But the oiling system (supposed to collect condensate oil from the crankcase and route it to the bar) didn't provide enough oil, so a retrofitted tank and push button was added on the front of the fuel tank. And the D36 had a muffler, while the D30 had a straight stack (the D36 muffler was added to this one). The D36 also had a wrap-around handlebar, and -- more importantly -- the third port was drilled through, giving it more power. (The D30 only had a reed valve.) The center-mounted starting cord was certainly an innovation -- since the choke was spring-loaded and had to be held in to work, you needed one hand on the rear grip, one on the front grip, and one to pull the cord!!! Later models went to a more conventional left-mounted starter, and the bulge on top became the chain oil tank. The bar on this saw is not original -- the bars were almost twice as wide in the "Good Old Days".

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