Case W-7 Steered Front loader

case W7
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case W7
Front Loader

Featured on this page is a Case W7 straight out of the 1960's, (a sub model the W7E was made into the early 1970's. It's a 2 yard machine said to have a tipping lifting capacity of 7,000 lbs, and around 100 HP.

This fine example of the machine was found on a back street and photographed in December of 2015. It is very remarkable to find a working example of a machine nearly 50 years old that looks this good parked along a street. The geometry of the hydraulics is interesting, but with this configuration they avoid blocking the doors when the arms went up. This contrasts wtih the Allis Chalmers design of the day where under the best of circumstances you had to jump through a window to get into the operators compartment and with the arms up couldn't get in or out at all. The amazing thing is that it took into the 1970's for the major manufacturers to move away from the rigid frame machines that had rear wheel steering and adopt the articulated frame design pioneered by FWD Wagner in the 1950's. The articulated frame eliminates the classic 'weak spot' of a driving/steering axle, while making the machines maneuverable as well.

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