(Anemone deltoidea)

The Three-Leaved Anemone (aka Western White Anemone, or Wood Anemone) is common in woodland and forests. It has a showy, white flower at the top of single stem six to 15 inches tall. What looks like petals are actually sepals, and there are numerous stamens and pistils. It blooms in April and May in the low and mid elevations and to July in high elevations. Anemones have no petals. The leaves are oval and serrated and are in threes coming off the stem. These anemones spread by creeping rhizomes. You can find these anemones in moist woods. Our specimen was found at the edge of the woods near a cleaning. The three-leaved anemone is similar in appearance and size to the thimble-berry blossom.

Martha Van Natta

- - Updated 5/31/2014