Oregon Dewberry, Western Dewberry, Pacific Dewberry, California Blackberry

Rubus ursinus or is it Rubus vitifolius

Wild Blackberry
Leaf out
Wild Blackberry
Bud Forming
Wild Blackberry
Buds fully formed
Wild Blackberry
Blooms over time
wild blackberry
wild blackberry

I'm a bit puzzled as to the real name for this common Oregon wild blackberry. Anyway it has long slender stems that crawl along the ground or grow up over down logs and the like commonly in Western Oregon. The stems are never strong enough to stand up much, but thrive creeping out into sunny areas. Dr. Morton Peck's Manual of the higher Plants of Oregon calls it a Western Dewberry and is my authority for the Rubus vitifolius name.

Others seem to use the California Blackberry or Pacific dewberry name along with Rubus ursinus. Regardless of the name they grow quickly after a logging operation and in the summer provide a very sweet and popular small berry. It is smaller and sweeter than the similar appearing berries cane berry bushes sometimes called Evergreen Blackberries, or the related Cultivar known as the Marion Berry.

The speed at which the flowers and fruits develop varies. This Dewberry begins to leaf out in early spring along with the Vine Maples and other early plants, but as I write this on May 22, seed groups are forming on the Vine Maple, and and bud clusters are just forming on this berry vine. The second photo shows a bud mass developing, with the third photo showing how it sprouts out forming a number of round buds that will eventually open up producing flowers which will become berries by mid summer. The flower bloom in sequence over time meaning that the berries don't all get ripe at the same time.

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