Blue Elderberry

Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea

Blue Elderberry
Flowers in late summer
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Blue Elderberry

The blue elderberry is a shrub that may grow to 30 feet high. There is not consensus as to how to define the species within the elderberry (Samabucus) genus. There are a host of elderberries that are closely related that live throughout the Americas. In general they have flat flower clusters (as opposed to flower spikes characteristic of the Red Elderberry), and the ripened fruit is blue or black. Common to Oregon is the Blue elderberry which, unlike the red elderberry which is poisonous, can be harvested and with enough fortitude, cooked down into blue elderberry jam which is quite tasty.

Compared to the Red Elderberry, the Blue Elderberry flowers much later in the season.

Additional information: see Wikpedia - Blue Elderberry

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