Western Trillium or Wake-Robin

Trillium Ovatum

T. Ovatum
Trillium ovatum
Trillium or wake Robbin
Trillium or wake Robbin
Old flower
Flower turns pink at the end of life

The Western Trillium is a member of the Lily family and is in some places known as a 'Wake-Robin'. Other Trilliums native to Oregon include a Brook Trillium (T. rivale), the Giant Trillium (T. chloropetalum), and the Round Leaved Trillium (T. petiolatum). 'Wake-Robin' is used for all.

This plant is native to Oregon and Washington and is found in shaded areas in moist forest floors but its range extends into southern British Columbia and the Redwood areas of Coastal Northern California. The white pedals will turn purple as the flower ages.

Note the presence of insects in all photos. There is some odor to the flowers, and seems to attract all sorts of insects which presumably pollinate the flower, though in the last photo it almost looks as if they are eating it.

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