Wheatland Ferry


The Wheatland Ferry in some form or other has been around since the 1840's. It crosses the Willamette River at Mission Bottom connecting what is now Marion and Yamhill Counties. It is accessible from Interstate 5 by going west from the Brooks exit. It is presently a 9 car ferry having been upgraded from a 6 car ferry in 2002. It is of particular benefit to the local agricultural business as it provides a way to get farm equipment across the river without either parading it through Newberg or Salem in order to use the bridges in those respective communities.

The ferry is held in position with a cable system with a tight line stretched across the river upstream of the landing with a line on each end of the ferry extending up to a rider block on the guide cable. The previous ferry was an electric on with an extension cord held aloft with some dog rings sliding on a cable. The electric cord is not in evidence with the present ferry.

The river is perhaps 100 yards wide at the ferry landing site and the crossing doesn't take long.

- - Updated 12/18/2012
- - Updated 06/14/2008