Siuslaw River Area

Pacific Ocean at From Siuslaw North Jetty
Pacific Ocean at From Siuslaw North Jetty
Sea Bird
2nd Winter California Gull
Historic North Fork Road
North Fork Road near summit above Brickerville
Eugene-Coos Bay Railroad
Penn Road Crossing w/Eugene-Coos Bay Railroad
Penn Road
Penn Road South of Badger Mt.
Old Growth on Upper North fork of Siuslaw River
California Gull
2nd Winter California Gull

The Siuslaw River loops through the Coast range ultimately dumping into the Pacific at Florence, Oregon. It's drainage is generally Western Lane county. If you are following OR 126 west out of Eugene, the coast range summit is the pass north of Badger Mountain at 927 feet. Although a fairly low pass in the coast range, it is fairly sharp and steep and provides plenty of winter horror stories.

The railroad ultimately destined for Coos Bay follows a similar route to the coast. It departs West Eugene running right beside OR 126 through Veneta and pretty much to Noti. At Noti the tracks turn south along Vaughn Road, just east of the summit and around 2 miles south of Noti, the Railroad switchbacks part way up the summit and tunnels under the rest passing just south of Badger Mountain, while OF 126 winds around the north side of Badger Mountain. Penn Road generally follows the tracks around the south side of Badger Mountain.

The Siuslaw National Forest includes much of the Siuslaw River drainage, and provides many photo opportunities, a few of which are included on this page. The 2nd winter California Gull was photographed at the mouth of the Siuslaw in mid October 2011. The presence of the gull there is interesting because one would expect Western Gulls in this location.

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