Prentice Self loader on Oshkosh truck

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Oshkosh with Prentice loader

A section on log loaders would not be complete without a photo of a Prentice self loading log truck. The loader is always needed where the truck is, and if you are a small operator combining the truck and the loader into a single piece of machinery has some appeal. After all when you get there with the truck you also are there with the loader. Self loading trucks continue to be popular where the operations are small and scattered.

If you have to haul a long distance or are moving a lot of wood from one location, then the self loader is not the solution. The self loader has two disadvantages for larger operations. First, it adds weight to the truck which means that you can't haul as many logs as you could with a truck that didn't carry the loader around. Secondly if you have an operation with several trucks hauling out of one place, you would need a loader for each one, whereas with a separate loader, you could and would leave the loader in the landing using it to load multiple trucks.

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