Prentice D-600

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Prentice C-600 in Texas

This photo along with the other Prentice photos is from the Leo Heikkinen collection. As I have noted on the previous pages about Prentice, hydraulic loaders started in the pulp wood industry and worked their way into the larger timber. Prentice has historically had a large share of the market for log loaders. Although some of the largest models have been on tracks or 'carriers' the classic Prentice loader has been mounted on a truck. Loggers being what they are, usually mounted the things on a worn out log truck. You never wanted to mount a loader like this on a good truck, because they really take their toll on trucks. I've scarcely seen an old truck mounted loader that didn't look like at least one log had been dropped on the cab at some point in time.

As you can see from the photo, this model had no problem handling a fair sized log.

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