Allis Chalmers TL 30

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TL 30 with bucket
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TL 30 With forks
TL30 with Sidney Lathe
TL30 with Sidney Lathe
TL30 with Hay platform
Around 60 bales
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Rear axle steering

Even the company that manufactured this machine doesn't exist any more. Allis Chalmers has long since become "Fiat Allis". This name change occured when Allis Chalmers fell on hard times and sold out to Fiat. Fiat Allis withdrew from the North American Construction Machinery Market in 1991. Even more recently the construction branch of FiatAllis has appeared as part of the New Holland Group which has merged with CASE to become "CNH Global". This 3 yard front end loader dates to about 1962, and the design shown here simply isn't used by anyone anymore. Even the dual headlights date this machine. The machine is steered on the rear axle only, and no one does that now. Since the mid 1960's all front end loaders have been of an articulated frame design. the cab was sort of an afterthought, and since there is no place for a door, you have to climb into this machine through the window.

The driver actually sits inside the loader boom so you have excellent visibility, but getting in the machines is a bit weird. there is no place for a door on the machine. To get into the drivers compartment you have to climb in through a window. All in all however, the machine actually works quite well. While it is clumsy compared to the articulated machine and requires a lot more maneuvering room to operate, it has an incidental advantage of being much more drivable, than the articulated machines. Stated another way, the articulated machines are rather hard to control and keep on the road if you have to drive them long distances, profoundly if you try to drive fast. The steered machine drives very well under these conditions however.

This behavior implies that if you are going to use the machine for light work and move it around a lot and not use it much, it is actually more suitable for the task than an articulated loader. Stated another way, if you were selecting a loader to drive a couple of miles to load a couple of loads of whatever, you would readily choose this loader over an articulated one. As a machine which is as I write this nearly 45 years old, it is not far from the end of the road, but to its credit, it still works.

These machines feature full air brakes using traditional cams which activate shoe and drum brakes while the engine is the classic AC 11000 series diesel used in numerous AC machines. The transmission is a 3 speed powershift with a torque converter. This machine is really a predecessor to the Fiat Allis 745 featured on another of the pages at this site and shares the same engine, but not much else.

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