John Deere Model 60

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John Deere 60

Here is a nice looking Model 60 that I found at a charity auction in the summer of 1999. John Deere used letter models until around 1952 when they switched to number models. The most common of the letter models were the B, A, G, & R (listed from small to large). Of these the 'A' was the biggest seller, and the Model 60 is the successor to the 'A'. With a horsepower rating in the mid 30's this was the tractor to have. The 60 maintained the traditional John Deere features of the day which included a horizontal 2 cylinder engine with the flywheel on the left and the belt pulley hand clutch on the right. Gasoline, stove oil, and LP-GAS engines were offered. A live PTO and 3 point hitch were standard on this rowcrop machine. Narrow front wheels were very common in this era, and John Deere had a gimmick to make them ride better. They called it the Roll-o-matic front end. The front wheels actually had a knee action motion so if one wheel went up the other went down which reduced the bounce by half if one wheel went up over something. John Deere was always proud of the fact that they had a large operator platform and with the hand clutch, if you got tired of sitting down you could stand up and drive it just as well.

I didn't buy this beauty or even stay at the sale long enough to see what it sold for, but I wouldn't be surprised if it sold for more than it did when it was new nearly 50 years ago.

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