Cordwood Flume

Flume2a.jpg - 7.0 K

Before the days of Railroads, various creative methods were used to get the wood to market. Shown here is a Wikstrom family flume constructed to take cordwood to Scappose Bay.

The precise date of the photo cannot be established for sure, but one of the boys in the foreground are Wikstrom boys including Frank Wikstrom who was a mature man by 1912. It is believed that this is a late 19th century photograph. The cordwood was being flumed out of the Bachelor Flat area to Scappoose Bay where it was loaded on a barge and moved by a family owned tugboat to Portland for Market. The tug was named 'Annie' in honor of I. G. Wikstorm's daughter Anna (This writer's grandmother). So far as is known, there is no connection between this 'Tugboat Annie' and a number of published works under the name of "Tugboat Annie" which are set in the similar era in Pacific Northwest Waters.

The flume had a catwalk along it where younger members of the family would walk and clear any jams that occurred to keep the wood moving.

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