The Big One that Didn't Get Away

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Every Logger has his big log just as fishermen have their big fish. Bob Sharp is no exception. this one found its way to the ground in the Tillamook Burn area of norhern Tillamook County when Bob was working for Yunker and Wicks based in Spruce Run south of Elsie. Bob reports that this tree took five and 1/2 hours with a McCollough chainsaw with a 72" bar. The tree was over 10 feet accross, and he had to beaver cut all the way around it to get the job done.

As this is written in 1997, the survivors of the Yunker and Wicks camp, and their families have annual reunions at Spruce Run. Of the men who worked out of this camp there are but 2 survivors at this time that are known of which Bob Sharp is one. Time takes its toll and for a logging camp that closed over 50 years ago, the fact that the survivor list is short is not surprising.

Shown in this photo besides the massive fir, is the devestation ofof the Tillamook burn in the background. There were 3 major fires in this area from 1933 to 1945, but the Spruce run camp was spared.

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