Portland and Southwestern Railroad

1868 Baldwin Locomotive
Locomotive on sled

What we see first is an 1868 Baldwin Locomotive in service on the Portland and Southwestern Railway at Scappose, Oregon, one of several Columbia County Logging Railroads. The photo was taken in 1918 and features Hugo Pittelkau, Engineer. (4th from the right). The Portland and Southwestern Railway ran from Scappose Bay to Chapman and all points west. My special thanks to Harlan Pittelkau for sharing the photo.

What you see in the second photo which is also furnished by Harlan Pittelkau, is a most unusual scene, but something than only a logger would do. You see a locomotive on a sled with a steam donkey and a team of horses in the lead. The team would have been used to pull out the yarding lines which would then reposition the donkey to further drag the locomotive sled. The "Why" is unknown, but the operation is attributed to Devlin Logging Company.

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