1936 Studebaker

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1936 Studebaker -Ruth Olsen
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Almer Olsen

Here is yet another family photo taken in the summer of 1943. Featured here is Ruth Rector Olsen holding her oldest daughter Eunice Olsen Bullis (oldest of 5 Olsen children), and standing with Her mother in law, Mrs. Olsen. This photo was likely taken near Molalla, Oregon, where the senior Olsens lived. The auto is a 1936 Studebaker. The owner, Almer Olsen, got many good years of service out of this vehicle. He traded a Chevy in to get it, and said that the difference was amazing. The Chevy was fully deserving, he said, of the nickname 'shove it or leave it', often applied to Chevrolets.

Featured to the right is Almer Olsen, husband of Ruth Rector Olsen, who together are the parents Lois Olsen VanNatta (1945-2010) their 3d daughter.

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