Ford Model T: Antique Automobile

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Ford Model T

If this old Ford is something other than a Model T, I presume some sharp eyed expert will get me squared away. This photo isn't actually a picture of an old car at all. Actually it is an old family photo on my wife's side. Featured here is a childhood photo of this writer's mother-in-law, Ruth Rector Olsen, and her brother Edward Rector.

There is no special record of when this photo was taken, but the girl on the left was born in 1914 so your guess is as good as mine, but mine is that the car was fairly new when this photo was taken.

For other antique cars you may visit Garlit's Ford Museum For a rundown on the history of the Model T you might look at the Model T Page. It has a good chronology, and some photos which suggest that this model was a mid 1920's version. Production of the Model T was discontinued in 1927 after production of 15 million of them. The Model T was produced over 19 years ending in 1927, when production was shifted to the Model A. This is not to imply that the vehicle was unchanged over that time. There were many production changes over the 19 year production life of the Model T.

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