Hard Rubber Tires

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Log Truck in the Molalla, Oregon Area

Most of this web site is devoted to photos from the VanNatta and Wikstrom side of the family. However they are not the only woodsmen in the house. My wife Lois is of Norwegian descent from an Olsen family that settled in the Molalla area and worked in the woods as well.

Shown here is a photo out of the Olsen family achieves depicting a log of logs on a truck with hard rubber tires. Now we sort of take tires with air in them for granted but that was not always the case. The exact history of this photo or the vehicle is not known, but this writer assumes it is properly dated to the 1920's. Clearly the concept of using a stinger steered trailer was understood even then.

Notice the use of 'cheese blocks' on the bunks to hold the bottom logs in place instead of stakes that are used now. Likewise, there is no sign of a chain or cable, or anything securing the logs to the truck. They just appear to be stacked on it. Wouldn't DOT have had fun inspecting this thing?

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