Fort Rock -- Lake County, Oregon

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Fort Rock, Lake County, Oregon
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South East side Fort Rock
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Fort Rock road is uncrowded
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Homesteader Museum at Fort Rock
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St. Rose's Catholic Church

If you are interested in unique geological features located no where in particular, Fort Rock should interest you. This geological feature is found in the high desert country of northern Lake County in South Central Oregon. Technically it is called a Tuff Ring formed by volcanic action underwater. This area is part of an old lake bed and there are many other geologically interesting features around as well.

To get there you first have to find LaPine which is recently incorporated town between Bend, Oregon and Klamath Falls, Oregon. At LaPine you depart Highway 97 and head to the South East toward Lakeview, Oregon and Reno, Nevada on Oregon Route 31 also known as the Fremont Highway. In the course of 30 or 40 miles you leave the Deschutes River drainage and after crossing a low pass drop into a portion of the Great Basin. There are Pine trees and Junipers in the hills but on the Valley floor which in this area is thought to be a dry lake bed there is nothing but classic high elevation (for Oregon) desert. The elevation is actually around 4300 feet. Shortly after you hit the valley floor a county road heads to the east for Fort Rock, Christmas Valley, and Wagontire.

There is a cross roads community near the geological feature called Fort Rock which is the community of Fort Rock. It is much larger than you might expect because several homesteader cabins have been relocated there to form the Fort Rock Museum. This area was active with homesteads in the first decade of the 20th Century.

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