Staley's Junction

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Gas station and fruit stand

Staley's Junction is the name applied to the road intersection of the Sunset Highway (US Highway 26) and Highway 47 west of Manning. It is so named because Charles Staley built a gas Station there in honor of the new highway to the coast in 1948.

Highway 26 was first called the Wolf Creek Highway and was built during runup to World War II as a military access road for defense of the coast. It was later renamed the Sunset Highway in honor of the 41st Division of the Oregon National Guard which is known as the Sunset Division.

The Sunset Highway is a popular recreational highway providing Portland with access to the "the beach', and many thing the Sunset name has to do with the sun that shines in your eyes while driving this road that runs in a west by northwest direction.

Update 2012

During 2012 the Shell station at the intersection was demolished in preparation for a planned addition of a 'jughandle' overpass. U.S. 26 west out of Portland has become over the years the primary tourist/weekend beach route to the northern Oregon Coast. Highway 47 southbound traffic can find a left turn very difficult. The planned jughandle ramp will carry two way traffic---East bound US 26 traffic desiring to turn left on to Oregon 47 will be able to loop to the right and pass over US 26, while the same ramp will serve as a flyover for south bound Oregon 47 traffic heading east. Because it will carry 2-way traffic, it's geometry will compromised so it's turns will be short and kinky as compared to a traditional flyover that is built in a long sweeping arc.

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