Scofield, Oregon

Scofield, OR, 2012
Rail crossing in Scofield-2012

Scofield was a railroad station on the Tillamook railroad line named for Alva Scofield, an early settler. The post office was established on June 25, 1926 and operated until January 13, 1934, when the impact of nearby 1933 Tillamook burn changed the face of the landscape.

Today Scofield road remains in Western Washington County not far from where the Sunset Highway tunnel is located. Standard Box and Lumber had a major sawmill near the townsite at one time, but the evidence of it is gone now.

Specifically the townsite of Scofield was located between the 2 railroad crossings on Scofield road where there was a railroad depot, Post office , and in the back there was a siding that the RR maintenance crew lived in box cars made into houses.

Standard Box and Lumber was no small mill for the area. It was actually quite large with a lot of employees. Most lived in row houses which where located on the small straight stretch by the intersection with Nowakowski Rd. There was a church , commissary and Ball field there. The mill was state of the art for the time(1920's--all electric). Electricity was generated by steam boiler and turbine. The row houses had lights. Scofield had electricity before even Hillsboro did. The mill site is still there and part of the mill pond which is located at the west end of the little straight stretch on the south side. Standard Box bought allot of land in the area and logged out like spokes on a wheel from the mill with narrow gauge track. The school which has been transformed into a house and unrecognizable ( nice looking house )was right across from where Cape Horn Road joins Scofield Road on the south side.

A special thanks to John Vidler for much of the historical information on the community of Scofield.

Update: 2012: The railroad through Scofield which was busily looping up the hill on its way from the Dairy creek drainage to Timber and Cochran (the summit) became unusable in 2007 when the flood caused a major washout on the Salmonberry (between Cochran and Foss) on the west slope of the Coast Range. By December of 2012 the tracks were seriously overgrown. Scofield road is now a winding gravel road with a fair number of residences scattered along it.
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