Vine Maple, Oregon

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The vine maple is an underbrush of little economic value, but can have very pretty foliage in the fall.

Vine Maple is presumed to be named after a post office which operated in the area for about 11 years from May 1891 to May 1902 known as Vinemaple. It presumably drew its name from Acer circinatum which grows abundantly in the area and throughout much of Northwestern Oregon. Located along the Nehalem River between Elsie and Jewell, it is also the home of the Vine Maple RFD whose volunteers are very dedicated.

I am also told that old timers referred to the area as Mishawawka...presumably an Indian reference to the area.

In early 2007, I received this email about the history of the Vine Maple: Hello There I just accidentally found your wee page about Vine Maple Oregon. I must say the little community was still very much in existence much later than you say. I am 65 years old and I remember the place. At the age of six, I started first grade there in the Vine Maple School. The year was 1947. The school was a two story building with grades from one through eight. There were two teachers, Mrs. Marjorie Courtwright and Mrs. Sorber. My teacher was Mrs. Courtwright. The Herbert Dale Rogers home place sits on the ground where the old school building once stood. Herbert Dale's mother, Audrey Rogers, was my grandpa's first cousin. Audrey is buried in the Jewell Cemetery and so is one of my sisters, who died as a baby in 1854. In the Vine Maple community at the time, there was a Grange Hall, a School, a Log Church building and many homes and families. There were small grocery stores both at Jewell and Elsie. For more extensive shopping, people went to either Astoria or Seaside. Yes, I remember Vine Maple. Thanks

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