Pittsburg, Oregon

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Resturaunt in Pittsburg 2007
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Before remodel

Pittsburg, was originally named Pittsburgh, by Peter Brous who settled there in 1879 and built a sawmill and gristmill operated by water power. He was from Pennsylvania and named it after the prominent community in his native state. The first post office was established April 17, 1879 with Brous as postmaster. The name was changed to Pittsburg on April 26, 1892. The post office was closed on November 30, 1908. Pittsburg is the destination of the St. Helens-Pittsburg road which begins in St. Helens and winds its way through Yankton, Trenholm and Wilark before climbing over the hill past the Camp Emerald Forest before joining the Scappoose-Pittsburg road near Highway 47. This historic route was first opened in 1879. There was also a school at Pittsburg for a time. See also Vernonia

The flood Waters were well over the highway in the flood of 1996 scouring the shoulders off the highway and damaging most of the homes in the area.

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