Olney, Oregon

Olney is named for Cyrus Onley, an Ohio native appointed supreme court justice of Oregon Territory in 1853. Olney was a member of Oregon's constitutional convention in 1857. Olney reported died Dec 21, 1870 in Astoria at age 55. The Nehalem Valley Cooperative (See Jewell) established a metering point at the end of the Pacificorp lines near the fish hatchery at Olney and built into Jewell and Elsie providing power to these communities as early as 1937. Service over the mountain pass between Jewell and Olney has since been abandoned with Jewell being served on a loop feed between the Elsie Substation and the Mist Substation. Members of West Oregon in the Olney area continue to be served by the distribution voltage wheeling meter connected to Pacificorp. Olney is at the head of Young's Bay Southeast of Astoria.

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