Jewell, Oregon

Jewell Store and Hotel (historic)
Jewell Mainstreet
Jewell Mainstreet (historic)
Jewell-Garage (Historic)
Jewell Postmaster
Jewell Postmaster 1931
Ken & Don Meier -1941
Jewell- Ken & Don Meier -1941
Jewell school
New Jewell School
Sign: Lee Wooden Park
Elk at game refuge
Elk at Game refuge
Jewell Game Refuge

Jewell was named after Marshall Jewell, postmaster general from 1874 to 1876 by the community's first postmaster W.H. Kirkpatrick. It was so named in 1874. Jewell is strategically located where the Nehalem River turns south and makes it mad dash through the Coast Range to the sea. The Nehalem Valley is broad and flat east all the way to Mist and even to Natal, and this area has long been settled. In accordance with the tradition of naming the gateway to a destination for the destination Clatskanie, on the Columbia River, takes its name from the Native American people's name for the hunting grounds between Jewell and Mist. One of the earliest electric cooperatives in Oregon brought power purchased from Pacific Power and Light (Now Pacificorp) over the hill from Olney to Jewell and Elsie. In 1944, this Lower Nehalem Valley Cooperative became one of the pieces out of which West Oregon Electric Cooperative was formed.

Today Jewell lives on with its own k-12 school system, telephone exchange. It did have a grange hall, but that was demolished in recent years. No retail business remains in Jewell. The School house is there for K-12 for the Nehalem valley area of Clatsop County, and the road department has a maintenance station there augmented with a private coffee pot for the Sheriff, but otherwise Jewell is a road intersection. The game refuge is a mile or two to the west and usually is will populated with Elk.

Lee Wooden Park (west of the game refuge) is notable as Lee Wooden was one early promoters of rural electrification in the area, and a founder of West Oregon Electric Cooperative.

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