Year Around Logging

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John Deere 450 Winter
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John Deere 450 Summer

Dozers have long been popular for logging. While the tracked machine was first invented and developed for farming purposes with the idea being that the crawler track provided much more ground contact and would have better traction than the steel wheels that were common of the day, it wasn't long before the dozer was adapted to the woods.

It is not rocket science to figure out why. The machine is capable of functioning in difficult terrain throughout the year. Although many speciality machines for logging have been developed in the last 40 years, the dozer remains the standby that will always produce some wood. What you see here is a fairly small dozer producing some hardwood in both summer and winter.

Depending on the location this type of logging has fallen into disfavor in some regions for both productivity and environmental reasons, but in some places (and the place shown is one) it works quite well. This is profoundly the case where timber harvesting is not all the machine is dedicated to. Besides logging this versatile machine can do many other types of tasks as well.

John Deere is somewhat of a newcomer into the dozer business although they have been making them for 50 years now. They began with a very small model dating back to the days of 2 cylinder John Deeres. Gradually they moved their crawler line from was was first intended as a tracked farm tractor to a dozer and then over time the Deere Dozers have gotten larger. Presently Deere is a full line producer marketing dozers up to the D-8 class machines, though the largest of their machines is actually a rebadged European model. As Deere has made marketing inroads into the dozer business, old line producers International Harvester and Allis Chalmers have all but been driven out of the market.

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