Scrub Clearing in Australia

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Komatsu D355
Komatsu d355
Komatsu D355

Employed here is technology that I have heard of but never seen in action. These folks in Australia rounded up a couple Komatsu D355 dozers and a large anchor chain from a ship. Please don't ask how the ship's captain responded when he noticed his anchor chain was gone. Anyhow one end of the chain is attached to the drawbar of each dozer, and they proceed out through the bush side by side but some distance apart. This flattens everything in between and the land can then be improved for agricultural use. My special thanks to Craig shown on the left for providing me these photos. He reports that the Komatsu is to be preferred for this work to a Cat, because as he says, the drawbars come off the Cats.

Size wise, a Komatsu 355 is competitive with our own Fiat Allis 31, which in recent years, and with the advent of much larger dozers has become a fairly unpopular size, because it is too big and too heavy to move and not big enough when you get it there. Mining applications, it seems have moved on to over 500 HP dozers and these are under 500 hp dozers (but not a lot under 500 hp).

I find the house built over the dozer to be quite amazing. In the US were are familiar with canopies, and long before OHSA invented ROPS and EROPS in the Pacific Northwest we had Medford canopies and a few others which were designed to protect the operator from being squashed if the dozer upset, and were also designed to provide some protection to the operator from brush, falling things etc. but never in my time have I seen a house such as is displayed here. It is obviously designed not only to protect the operator but also the machine from what ever might fall on it during the land clearing operation.

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